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This is a centralised masterlist of all of my fics. I mainly use ao3 and aff to post, as they're far easier to navigate (as a writer), but I hope you enjoy your foray into my writing world.

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yifan / yixing


2 > 3

r rated | 3,200 words | angst

(sulay / sulayris) Junmyeon learns about love when his boyfriends fall out of it with him.



nc-17 | 1,800 words | pwp

Yixing sleeps with the enemy.


Adrenaline Dynamite (Touch Me to Ignite)

nc-17 | 40,000 words | modern gladiator au

Falling in love in the dark wasn't what Yixing ever expected, not when he's the only source of light.


Baby Breathe

nc-17 | 8,800 words | daddy kink with bdsm themes

Yixing thinks their slip-up warrants a punishment from his daddy.


(On Your) Bedroom Wall

nc-17 | 3,100 | pwp

Yifan always goes above and beyond for Prince Yixing.


Blood Earns My Keep

nc-17 | 1,200 words | assassin au

Yixing's blades are bloodied but his hands are clean.

Brother Issues Part One | Part Two | Part Three | Part Four (incomplete)

nc-17 | incomplete | childhood friends-to-lovers

A love between best friends is platonic but what's the love between you and your best friend's brother when you're supposed to act like siblings?


Depth Over Distance

nc-17 | 33,700 words | infidelity au

We draw lines in the sand to partition ourself between right and wrong. There are waves that crash over them and they can still be seen when those peaks withdraw from it. It is those who are the tides that change everything. They rub away your lines, they make it seem like they never existed. But that's what you get when you draw your lines into sand and not concrete; you're asking for change.


Diamonds Into Snow

nc-17 | 1,300 words | bonnie and clyde au

Yixing hadn't always been addicted to Yifan.

The Eden of You

pg-13 | 1,600 words | mpreg

There was less need for physical affirmation and touching, even though he still indulged himself in feeling of the other's body heat passing through his clothing often, because they could do everything with looks and slight movements.

Encore Une Fois

nc-17 | 13,700 words | catboy / hybrid au

Lu Han's catty ways will ruin Yixing's life, once again...


Endlessly Running Timelines Part One | (incomplete)

nc-17 | incomplete | student / teacher au

Between the words upon pages in the quiet realms of libraries, Yixing fell in love for the first time. Amongst the words spoken across tables, incipient heartbreak made its way to Yixing. In a wonderland of rare books and essays penned by an artist, Yixing understood the urgency of life and love.

Fac ur Ardeat Cor Meum

nc-17 | 4,200 words | historical / royal au

Yifan was something out of a dream - a dream in which Yixing was not a spoiled young prince, but a king.


Fall Any Minute

G | 2,000 words | mama au

Yixing wakes up one morning, in his flat, and finds a tall lanky guy sleeping on his balcony when he was about to water his plants. The thing is - he lives on the 36th floor.

Feeling Loved

G | 1,300 words | domestic au

Baby Shixun wants to play but it's four in the morning.


Find a Thread

nc-17 | 4,400 words | post-breakup sex (happy ending)

They shouldn't be touching and feeling one another but they are and they don't care.


Follow Me (Into The Evergreen)

nc-17 | 20,000 words | angst

They're not even dating, but seeing Henry all over Yixing at the Christmas party is far too unsettling. It takes his jealousy to a whole new level, but what's more is that he's far too heartbroken to do anything about it. Yifan knows he can't go into the New Year with heartbreak after heartbreak, so he leave. What he doesn't expect is for Yixing to go after him.

Follow Me Home

PG | 800 words | wolf au

A family of wolves huddle for warmth in the winter.


The Greyly Painted Miles (chaptered / incomplete)

nc-17 | incomplete | college au

Even when they're minutes away from each other, it feels like hours and Yixing doesn't like it.

An Honesty; Instinctive and Pure

nc-17 | 18,000 words | wolf au

He tried to suppress his instincts to make Yixing belong to only him, it was sickeningly possessive and Yifan had always expected as much from the wolf within him. He wasn't sure how he would react when Yixing came into contact with other wolves, especially alphas. Even though Yifan knew he was the one with the most power amongst the raging egos that he been invited to Yixing's birthday. It set fire to his body, sent streams of anger to his fingertips where his nails sharpened out to appear like claws and he fought the urge to take the omega and run back to his territory. To his kingdom where he was king and could covet his mate entirely. 


I'll Go Under and Above For You

nc-17 | 11,000 words | humiliation kink

Being an introvert, parties aren't Yixing's favourite thing but his husband has the best distraction.


In a Shattered Sky (We're One Star Down)

pg-15 | 2,000 words | angst / unexplained mental health issues

They moved with a clarity of having clear heads and gradually mending hearts.


Into The Digital Kingdom

PG | 12,000 words | gamer au

Yixing and Yifan were constantly getting lost in the pixel realms of video games, so when Yifan has the opportunity to open up a new word to them, he takes it.


Lover, Thalassic

nc-17 | 26,000 words | dragon / siren au

There are some feelings you can't turn off, no matter what you find out about each other.


Lust For The Hunt

nc-17 | 2,500 words | exo monster au

Yifan has been stared at on the train for a while now and instead of running or fighting it, he gives in.


The Morning Currents

G | 2,600 words | surfing au

With cool air around his body, goosebumps rose up on the skin of his neck and with the warmer slightly warmer around his legs, he felt the soothing pull of the sea.


No One Does it Better

nc-17 | 7,200 words | roleplaying kink

Yixing was a sexual deviant who knew exactly how to whip Yifan into a sex-crazed frenzy but he was also the man who got excited when a puppy appeared in a television commercial.


Not Everything is Magic

nc-17 | 22,000 words | harry potter au

The entire set-up seemed faultless to Yixing. Right up until he saw the assignment sheet.


Patterns Formed in December

nc-17 | 12,000 words | wolf au

His job, by requirement, was to note whatever the camera couldn't pick up and everything he could put into his journals were of how strangely the wolves interacted with one another, not only how they looked.

nc-17 | 11,000 words | abo au

Yifan shouldn't have wanted it but he had lusted after it for so long.


Sweater Paws and Kitty Claws

nc-17 | 13,000 words | catboy / hybrid au

Big cats were covetous, not as possessive as canines and lupine creatures, but they knew what was theirs and would fight to keep it that way. Yixing used his dark mane Lion aura to push tigresses into submission and Yifan used his large frame, intimidating gaze and deep, rumbling tiger's growl to keep talk of Yixing's suitors at bay. To anybody who didn't know them, they appeared like protective friends.


nc-17 | 6,800 words | wolf au

Yifan leaving changes more than it should but his return can't fix everything.

various | various | various


Trust in Your Nightlights

pg-13 | 11,000 words | abo / asd au

Yifan felt like his whole life was like when chewing gum lost its flavour; the rubbery, inelastic texture was catching on his teeth with every grind of his jaw and he needed something a little fresher to replace it. Yixing was everything he needed, just with a few extras.

A Water Drop Hollows a Stone

nc-17 | 16,000 words | mermaids/mermen au

Events that move in a cycle resemble that of water, it's never ending until there's nothing left.


With Intentions of Gold

nc-17 | 17,000 words | fake marriage au

It was like retracing steps after years of being away from somewhere; the same but so very different.


You're Brought Back (But You're Running)

pg-15 | 3,100 words | wolf au

He was placed amongst fur, the roaring heat that flowed through his blood as a consequence let him fall into a slumber filled with the images of wolves tenderly taking care of somebody who had flesh pinked with cold and hair matted from many days' worth of grease.

yixing / jongdae


Take My Wrist

pg-13 | 1,600 words | soulmate au / fem fic

The names on Zhang Yixin's wrists are the same on either side, creating a balance between love and hate.





jackson / mark



pg-13 | 2,000 words | soulmate au / long distance au

Driving is a lullaby but Jackson is a sleep-song.